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We exist because we have the same concerns you do.

An aging nursing workforce combined with an aging U.S. population has created an urgent demand for qualified nurses. We understand this problem better than anyone else. We have perfected a system of providing talented international nurses to fill those staffing needs; quickly, efficiently, & effectively.

International Management

Our team works around the clock managing international talent from The Philippines, Kenya, and more culturally rich areas that provide outstanding talent.

Staffing Metrics

Reduce vacancy rates, overtime, staff turnover and attrition by bringing in qualified international nursing talent.

3 Year Commitment

Reduce the need for agency and contingent spending knowing that our nurses come with a 3 year term of employment.


Improve continuity and quality of care for your patients and residents.

Grow Intelligently

Grow your organization unimpeded by continual staffing challenges.

A System That Works

Create consistent and reliable staff models, necessitated by changing global healthcare environment.

What our partners say...

Our relationships are invaluable. We have over a decade in building trust with several individuals, organizations & industries. 

Our process is our success.

Infinity Care Partners has perfected the process of international nurse recruiting and placement. Our secret is experience; Allow us to show you first hand.

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